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ChemFAST Premium

ChemFAST Premium are the first fume cupboards ever manufactured that combine molecular filtration with the aeraulic working principles of recirculation and exhausting: a brand new technology of hybrid chemical fume cupboards developed by Faster to improve safety and get an energy consumption decrease by 80%.

The idea of the Chemfast Premium safety cabinet comes out from a direct investigation of the expectations and needs of researchers  and technical people working in chemical lab with Low heat load & High heat load of Organic solvents, Flamable Subtances, Weak acid and diluted inorganic acids (Room Temperature)

principio funzionamento PREMIUM1A huge energy consumption decrease is possible. The advanced aeraulic system of recirculation and air filtration removes contaminants exactly where they have been generated through the continuous air filtration inside the working chamber. ChemFAST Premium also controls a ventilated safety box which can be used either to stock reagents that are used daily or for the safety storage of solid and liquid disposal. Everything  is perfectly integrated in this system. No more exhaust bulky ducting. No more exhaust of non-filtered air. No more complicated installations.

Hybrid technology that combines the traditional suction hood with molecular filtration hoods system.

The air of the internal camera is recirculated without interruption, thanks to the depression created by the DC fan motor. During recirculation the air passes through the battery three layers of filter panels placed under the work surface. Only a modest aliquot of air (from 10 to 15% depending on the sizes and installation conditions) is sucked from the environment and exhausted after filtration.

Compact design. Maximum use of the internal volumes and depth, thanks to an advanced internal aeraulics and reduced depth utilities columns.

Energy savings.  80% less energy consumption  compared with a fixed flow rate classic cabinets.

Eco-friendly. Even the small quantity of air used, is filtered before being exhausted.

Control systems. PID  probe,  differential  pressure control, maintenance reminder: three independent units which control the efficiency of the filtration system.

Filtration customizable. It is possible to choose the more suitable filters composition according to the kind of job that will be carried out. Filter replacement is easy and clean.

Monolite IPERGRES Ceramic Work Surface. The  special  glossy finishing makes  it highly resistant to chemical attacks.

Anemometric fan. Meant  for the  control of the flow rate and velocity: utmost  accuracy and quick responses without calibration  issues and reliability of the hot wire probes.

Led lighting. High internal lighting and reduced energy consumption.

Ergonomic design. At  last a  comfortable  chemical fume  hood where the operator can work sitting on a stand.


Touchscreen control panel. With self-explanatory icons: the cabinet must  be safe and operative at first touch.

Bearing structure. Completely made of carbon steel (Fe360B) conformed to obtain folds able to improve its structural strength. Sheet thickness of at least 12/10 and increased up to 3 mm in areas subjected to severe mechanical stress.

The central structure, suitable for containing the filters, is completely electro-welded to maintain absolute stability while the various parts are assembled together with M5 screws to contain the bending stress.

The shoulders where the front glass and the counterweights run are made in one piece and all the parts that are subjected to mechanical stress are TIG welded together to ensure minimum deformation.

Painting. Each sheet metal element is pickled and painted with a mixture of epoxy resin powders applied electrostatically with a thickness of> 100 microns. Semi-gloss finish with surface roughness 200 ° C. Resistance to direct impact 5Nm.

The front areas and the latch handle are in smooth antiacid epoxy painted RAL 5015.

Metal carpentry in Fe360B Carbon Steel shapes cut with CNC Laser technology, CNC bending and TIG welded.

Work plan. Various work surfaces of different materials can be installed depending on the applications of the DPC. All tops can be leveled inside the machine using M6 levelers.

The standard worktop supplied is in Molite IPERGRES Ceramic monolithic stoneware, independent of its structure and thickness. 28 mm with containment edge of the capacity of 6 liters each linear meter.

The filtering panels are chosen according to the main activities carried out within the CPE and can be combined together to create the best solutions of molecular adsorption. In the case of particulate applications one of the filtering layers can be replaced also by HEPA filters allowing to widen the field of application of the CPE. It is possible to choose the more suitable filters composition according to the kind of job that will be carried out. Filter replacement is easy and clean.