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Air Showers

Faster Air Showers are devices used in clean room areas such as micro-electronics, semiconductor, spray-painting, pharmaceutical and food market to remove dusts from the outer surfaces of operators’ garment and clothing prior to enter into clean and dust free environments.

This thorough dust-removal effect is achieved by means of special aluminum adjustable air-nozzles blowing filtered clean air at very high speed (exceeding 25 m/s) onto the garments in the transfer chambers. This action will causes detachment of dusts, powders and other particulate contaminants from the garments as a result of the air blown from different directions, including from the top.

The air is pulled downwards and re-circulated via G3 pre-filter grids by virtue of the slight negative pressure kept inside the transfer chamber in comparison to the surrounding environment. The air is channeled through G3 pre-filters and high efficiency H14 HEPA/ULPA filter and blown into the chamber. The resulting clean air inside the unit is in Class ISO 5 quality according to ISO 14644-1 Standard.

Full body of the Air Shower manufactured in AISI 304L stainless steel with Scotch Brite pharmaceutical-grade finishing.

Doors are manufactured in stratified safety glass of 8 mm thickness flush mounted within the body of the unit (without any unsightly aluminum frames), installed one in front of the other or square mounted; interlocked electromagnetic automatic release system allows the opening at the end of each dust removal cycle.

Handle bars made in stainless steel.

Ventilation is provided by double inlet centrifugal electrical fan with nominal air flow rate of 2.400 m3/h - at an operational pressure of 1.600 Pa.

Filtration: 1st bank – Class H14 high pressure drop HEPA/ULPA filter according to CEN EN 1822, 2nd bank – Class G3 coarse particulate prefiltration.
Access for filters replacement is from the inspection panel mounted on top of the unit. Pre-filter panels are fitted with quick-release system (no screws needed for removal of the panel).

Pressure control is provided by means of analogic Dwyer manometer to check the differential pressure on the filter face.

Air nozzle: The air is blown into the transfer chamber by means of adjustable air-nozzles made in aluminum with internal damper to regulate the air flow outlet. Air flow speed is manually adjustable within a range between 20 to 30 m/s.

Half speed: Air flow speed reduction starts automatically at the end of each cycle.