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FORLAB4you is a technical furniture line that comes from FASTER’s prestige and experience achieved in over thirty years of enterprise.

FORLAB4you is a dynamic modular system designed to provide maximum flexibility not only during design and planning, but also in the arrangement of laboratories according to new working methodology. The result is a powerful and complete system that allows users to obtain a thorough use of lab space. With the FORLAB4you system the laboratory takes on a dynamic role and it becomes a real customizable working tool that is always up-to-date and ergonomic.

Thanks to Faster’s high-quality steel the FORLAB4you line can last for a long time and gives our furniture structure the “class A1” fire rating. The guarantee of quality standards in line with the EN13150-2020 standards are certified by Bureau Veritas.

Always innovate, explore new ways to improve well-being in the workplace: FORLAB4you starts here. Where is the future of the laboratory world going?  What kind of spaces will you need? Understanding today to imagine tomorrow is our responsibility.

FORLAB4you is the first furniture line tailor-made on your needs provides the laboratory professional with turnkey integrated solutions and allows the creation of flexible, adaptable and reconfigurable work areas.

Offer solutions that make people's work better, easier and safer. This is FORLAB4you.


Benches components
All the FORLAB4you series benches are made by assembling modular components that are perfectly interchangeable, replaceable and can be implemented in such a way that they can be easily adapted to any laboratory of any size and shape.

Technical unit

FORLAB4you technical unit consists of steel made uprights columns.
A particular rack groove obtained with a laser processing procedure allows the assembly of the service panels and shelves including the wall units.

The use of laser-tube technology allows you to have pieces with accurate processing so as not to have imperfections during assembly ensuring perfect aesthetics and linearity during installation.

The uprights columns are connected to each other by means of a folded and shaped sheet metal structure to be able to join the columns with the service panels.

The steel profiles are intentionally hollow to allow any electrical or plumbing services coming from the false ceiling to pass inside them and can be cut to size to hide any cables or pipes.

The uprights have a standard height of 2000 mm but can be cut at different heights and adapt to all spaces, from the sub-windows to the skylight windows.

The service step is 30 cm like the bench structures and ranges from a length of 60 cm up to 180 cm.

Service panel
The FORLAB4you series service panel is made of a 12/10 metal sheet, panels are laser cut and folded and have the particularity of having a quick coupling system.

The service panels have a quick coupling system and easily allow you not to use screws as the coupling section ensures that the joint is stable and safe once inserted inside the slot.

Various services can be fixed on the sheet metal panels, from the electric to the hydraulic part in total safety.

Front structure

The bench structures consist of 2 C-shaped shoulders made of 2 mm thick 60x40 section steel tubes joined together by means of a 30x30 crosspiece 1,5mm thick.

The upper part on which the worktop rests is made up of 2 mm thick 60x20 tubular fixed to the shoulders with M5 screws screwed onto steel rivets.

The structures are self-supporting, modular and interchangeable and designed to be hooked to the rear technical unit simply by screws.

The structures can also be used individually as a support bench.

Stable and strong structure with tubular thicknesses never less than 2 mm.

M5 screws not visible.

Independent and levelable structure.

Section of the shoulders of the C-bench for the insertion of cabinets under the bench and more space for instruments and legs.

100µ epoxy paint for maximum chemical resistance.

EN 13150:2020 Tested by CATAS and certified by Bureau Veritas.

Central & wall benches with technical unit module

Modular Length: 600-900-1200-1500-1800 mm

Worktop modular height: 750-900 mm

Technical unit cell modular height: 900-1100-1300-2000 mm

Worktop depth: 600-750 mm

Total depth: 750-900 mm (wall benches) - 1350-1650 mm (central benches)

Loading max.: 300 Kg/m2 (C frame)

Service module depth: 150 mm

Shelves modular height: 1270-1750 mm

Posforming laminate
Critical substances:  Acids in concentrations > 10%
Damaging substances: Concentrated hydrochloric acids, Nitric acid, Heated sulfuric acid
Advantage: Cheap
Disadvantage: Joints sensitive to moisture, Medium chemical resistance
Use:  Instrument benches and laboratory benches in the dry area
Cannot be used in moist or wet area

Max Resistance high pressure laminate (HPL)
Critical substances: Acids > 20 %
Damaging substances: Concentrated hydrochloric acids - nitric acid
Advantage: Highly compressed surface structure, High chemical resistance.
Disadvantage: Flat
Use:  Chemical, micro-biological, genetic engineering laboratories

MONOLITE IPERGRES® Technical Ceramic
Critical substances: None (thermal shock)
Damaging substances: Hydrofluoric acid
Advantage:  Best chemical resistance, mechanically stable, easy to dispose
Use:  Areas with very high chemical and mechanical stress

Stainless Steel
Critical substances: Cadmium, Lactic acid, Oxalic acid
Damaging substances:  Compounds containing chlorine and bromine, strong acid
Advantage: Jointless, High resistance to solvents, High-temperature resistance
Use: Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Radio-isotope area, Pathology

Critical substances: concentrated nitric acid
Damaging substances:  Bromine, Fluorine pure
Advantage: Jointless, High resistance to solvents
Use: in all laboratory benches in wet area

Reagent shelves
The shelves are applied directly to the uprights with 2-point fixing hooks and can be adjusted in height with a minimum pitch of 30 mm.
The shelves are available in three versions: empty for hanging cabinets, with a 6mm thick high-pressure laminate (HPL) surface or with a 6mm thick tempered glass surface.
The shelves are made with steel profiles treated with 100µ thick epoxy paint.

Under bench cabinets
Made with E1 class wood fiber panels covered in white melamine according to overall thickness of the panel 22 mm, edging in melamine color white thickness 0.50 mm.
Doors and drawer fronts with rounded abs edging; drawers with guides and sides in painted sheet equipped with safety catch and double adjustment, hinges with 180° opening and triple adjustment, handles in stainless steel.
Internal shelves that can be positioned in height on several positions by means of four nickel-plated steel pins.
Supported at the base by four swiveling wheels, two of which are equipped with a brake, made of polypropylene, with a static capacity of 70 kg each.