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PCR FAST is a DNA amplification cabinet that belongs to the latest generation of cabinets manufactured by FASTER and is specifically designed to perform sensitive Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification and manipulation of DNA or RNA.

PCR FAST is adopted in a wide range of disciplines such as microbiology, hematology, cell culture and genetics.

At the end of the PCR process, the unit ensures a completely sterile work area thanks to the presence of LED UV light that is needed for irradiation and decontamination of DNA and RNA samples thus prevent contamination during the next PCR campaign.

FASTER decided to equip PCR FAST with LED UV lamps. This is not a fancy choice but rather the best way to make it: as a matter of fact, LED UV allows to hit samples at the perfect frequency and consequently radiation recommended for proper sterilization.

The same effect in fact is not reachable with standard UV bulbs which are normally providing a range of effective radiation but not the most effective.

The LED UV lamps are timer controlled for fully programmable activation.

AISI 304 L STAINLESS STEEL with SB pharmaceutical finishing for back wall and work surface.

1XIP 66 ELECTRICAL SOCKET for total protection against liquid splash.

Front window and sides panel made by 6mm Anti-UV safety glass.

A safety switch is in place to turn off UV when front glass is opened.

White LED providing perfect visibility during daily working.

As option, a ventilation KIT including a H14 HEPA filtration and motor blower for laminar airflow.

Weight kg 55

UV light radiant flow: mW 170

UV light average lifetime: Hours 8.000

UV light timesetting: Hours 4 (+/- 1 min accuracy)

UV light peak wavelength: nm 275

Energy consumption (Clean filters, lighting activated, internal outlet load excluded): kW 0,11 kW

Noise level  db(A) <54

LED Lighting level lux >2100

Electrical data 1Ph+E - 230V 50Hz

Energy consumption (2) kW 0,11 kW

Internal electrical outlet The electrical outlets have a total load capacity of 4A

Overall dimensions (WxDxH)  712x620x860 mm

Useful dimensions (WxDxH)  700x600x550 mm

Working aperture 200 mm

Maximum front aperture 500 mm